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Special Breaks LLC restores strength to timber beams and columns with injected epoxies!!!

When you have a cracked timber beams or columns which need replacing or restoration, consider restoring them with injected epoxies.

Special Breaks LLC recently completed a timber injection job in Connecticut where beams and  columns were restored quickly and with minimal interference with the clients daily activities.  In the first photo on this page the beams were checked by the engineer and marked with red paint where crack depths were affecting the design strength.

Because the work was being performed overhead and with our clients employees in close proximity.  It was determined a low vapor paste epoxy would best perform the work.

The second photo shows a beam being ported to allow for the injection of the paste epoxy.

The third photo shows the surface seal which will allow the injected epoxy to be contained while it cures and helps us to force the epoxy under pressure for better penetration.

In the fourth photo we are injecting the paste epoxy into the beam using our automatic mixing and dispensing equipment.

We perform work for owners, engineers and contractors.

Special Breaks LLC is a great little company that knows paying close attention to the quality of materials and procedures we use will assure our clients the best result when they have a specification to be performed or a problem to be solved.

In addition to experience injecting timber beams and columns, we have 17 years of epoxy injection experience on bridges, parking garages, homes etc.

When you have cracked concrete or damaged timbers to be repaired, call us for a free quote.

For information and pricing contact:

Email:  specialbreaks@snet.net


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