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Special Breaks LLC works with Engineers and Owners to test existing structures without damaging them.

Some areas where Impact-Echo can be effectively used:

  • Measure thickness of concrete slabs
  • Determine depth of delaminations
  • Locate voids in concrete or subgrade
  • Measure depth of surface opening cracks
  • Locate voids in grouting of post tensioning ducts
  • Locate honeycombing in concrete
  • Locate cracks and other defects in masonry structures where brick or block units are bonded together by mortar.

Impact-Echo is an acoustic, nondestructive method for testing concrete and masonry structures.
It is based on the use of impact-generated stress (sound) waves that propagate through the structure and are reflected by internal flaws and external surfaces. Impact-Echo can be used to make accurate, nondestructive, ASTM approved measurements of thickness in concrete slabs and plates, (ASTM Standard C 1383 - 98a).e


Impact-Echo can measure defects in:

  • Bridges

  • Parking Decks

  • Asphalt covered concrete pavements

  • Tunnels

  • Culverts

  • Tanks

  • Mineshaft liners

  • Tanks

  • Retaining walls

We perform work at hourly, daily, weekly and lump sum rates.

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